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What is Vitrenol?

Vitrenol is a complete source of Vitamin E that delivers all the natural benefits of Vitamin E Tocopherol plus the life-enhancing functions of palm oil Tocotrienols.

Only palm oil contains both Tocotrienols and Tocopherol as a complex. From this natural base, we have developed in Vitrenol an optimum ratio of Tocotrienols and Tocopherol, which includes high levels of gamma and delta Tocotrienols.

Vitrenol also contains other beneficial phytonutrients such as phytosterols, carotenoids and squalene.

What distinguishes Vitrenol is its low acid value and chemical-free nature. Our solvent-free manufacturing process also gives the unique assurance of no trace residues of solvent in the ingredient. Palm Vitamin E has also been acknowledged as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) by the United States Food & Drug Administration in 2010.

Manufactured in Indonesia by the Musim Mas Group from stable and environmentally friendly palm plantations, Vitrenol is a pure and potent ingredient that delivers all-natural benefits to consumers of functional foods and beverages, health and dietary supplements as well as beauty and anti-ageing products.

Natural and Chemical Free

Product Form

We are proud to be the only supplier of chemical-free palm Tocotrienols, giving you and your customers the promise of non-carcinogenic and non-neurotoxic ingredients.

We use sophisticated extraction technology to purify natural palm oil without the use of chemicals such as solvents. This preserves all the natural properties of palm oil Tocotrienols and ensures that no solvent residues are present in the final products.

In addition, our operations are fully integrated from the plantation to your manufacturing plant. Thus, we can monitor and trace every critical step of the value chain to minimise the possibility of contamination and other risks.