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True to Nature, True to Health

The true essence of Vitamin E

Palm leaves

People all over the world are rediscovering the power of nature to help and heal.

There is thus a growing call for natural products that can provide relief from the stresses of modern living and restore our desired quality of life.

For a long time, Vitamin E has been well-regarded as a nutrient with strong antioxidant properties. But there is now growing awareness that the true essence of Vitamin E lies in a form or isomer known as Tocotrienol.

Vitamin E = Tocotrienols + Tocopherol

In fact, Vitamin E consists of two essential and effective constituents: Tocotrienols and Tocopherols. Together, this blend possesses vastly superior antioxidant powers and delivers a whole suite of clinically proven health benefits.

Fully natural, safe and with the power to care for your health and heart, a combination of Vitamin E Tocotrienols and Tocopherols has the potential to enhance our quality of life by promoting healthy cholesterol levels, supporting cardiovascular health and even battling cancer cells. Improved immune responses and better skin and hair are other benefits of consuming Tocotrienols.

The most economical source of complete Vitamin E is the oil palm ( Elaeis guineensis ), a valued food crop across Asia and Africa whose fruit contains rich levels of Vitamin E with a full spectrum of vital Tocotrienols and Tocopherols.
Oil Palm