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Vitrenol > Natural & Chemical-free Tocotrienols

Our Expertise

Technology that’s true to nature

All our products and manufacturing processes are backed by
a highly skilled technical team with years of experience as well
as a fully integrated operation spanning the entire value chain.

The Vitrenol range is produced in-house so that you can be
assured of the integrity of every processing stage. We conduct
stringent checks at every critical control point to deliver
products of the highest quality and consistency to our

Our technical team developed the technology to extract
Vitrenol from natural palm oil. This sophisticated solution
gives the assurance that Vitrenol products are all 100%
natural and chemical-free. Vitrenol is not only solvent-free;
there is absolutely no trace of residue as solvent is not
used at all in our extraction process.

We also provide our customers technical
guidance in developing innovative products
that use Vitrenol to woo the market.

Strategic Maketing

We treat our customers as partners who stand to benefit from greater awareness of Vitrenol and the ingredient's health benefits.

As a trademarked brand, Vitrenol's stamp of premium quality and association with natural health is extended to customers who use the ingredient in their products. In addition to this brand protection, we provide marketing support by:

  • Sharing marketing materials with our customers to help them develop a message that will resonate with their market

  • Actively taking part in international trade shows (e.g. Vitafoods, SupplySide West, Health Ingredients Europe) to raise the market profile of Vitrenol and palm Tocotrienols.

  • Working with global trade magazines and other media to highlight the efficacy of Vitrenol Tocotrienols.