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From targeted health and dietary supplements to functional dairy drinks and anti-ageing creams, Vitrenol provides a choice of solutions that make it easy to add to your products a dose that will make a difference.

Thanks to our group experience in both palm oil extraction as well as consumer edible fats and personal care products, we can provide application support to make our products work in yours.

Dietary Supplements

Vitrenol offers the chance to market a natural solution for wholesome wellbeing in one of the most active and demanding sectors for healthy products.

Dietary Supplements

Soft gels, hard capsules, tablets and sachet drinks are all suitable applications for Vitrenol in both health as well as beauty supplements. Depending on your market strategy, Vitrenol can be offered as a single ingredient product or in a blend with other vitamins and nutrients.

Functional foods and beverages


To stand out on supermarket shelves, new products must offer a compelling blend of function and palatability. Vitrenol can be used in applications such as:

  • Salad dressings and margarine
  • Breakfast cereals and nutrition bars
  • Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt
  • Confectionery

Our group expertise in retail-ready products provides a pool of know-how to help you create formulations that marry the power of Tocotrienols and the irresistible taste of good health.


Vitamin E is an established ingredient in the skincare sector, but Vitrenol adds an extra touch of efficacy in its superior protection against oxidative damage and ability to preserve the skin's natural tones and beauty.

With growing concern over artificial additives and sensitive skin, Vitrenol allows the formulation of gentle creams and lotions with all-natural goodness with no trace of solvents and other chemicals that cause skin irritation.